Saturday, January 15, 2011

Some "new" things documented in pictures

Toothsome #4 has learned how to wink.  This was a very big deal in her mind.  If you look closely, you can see that one eye is slightly open, thus proving that she is indeed winking with just one eye.

Toothsome #2 had her braces taken off.  This is just stage one of braces and she will eventually get more on, (she has a tiny mouth with huge adult teeth coming in) but for now, it is very fun and exciting.  

I got new haircut.  Actually, it is the same haircut I always get but just a lot shorter.  My long hair was driving me crazy and who knows when I will get around to getting it cut again, so I purposely had it cut shorter than I would normally do so. 


Queen Elizabeth said...

Your hair looks great. I recently wanted to shave my head... Must be something about winter/static. Isn't it funny how learning how to wink is such a milestone?

David said...