Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monster Jam

Dentist husband hates sitting home on weekends.  If the weather is good, he is flying his airplane or golfing.  If it is not good, we as a family go bowling, go to a movie, or he even will get out the cookbook and try some new complicated recipe.  Honestly, just sitting around all day on a Saturday drives him crazy.  I, on the other hand, would be content staying in our PJ's and reading a book all day, but that is another story.  

So today, we ventured forth to a Monster Truck Jam.  It has been on our bucket list ever since Toothsome #1 was about two and it was high time to cross it off.  Here we are at the stadium.  We took the local Trax train downtown, which dropped us right off at the entrance.  (Oh and there were a lot more people there then this picture looks like.  We had a great group of tattooed people behind us.)  

 The arena.

 At one point, these snow mobile stunt drivers came out (modified snow mobiles that drive on dirt) and did some very amazing flips, jumps, etc.   It was one of the most exciting events of the afternoon, I might add.
Thankfully, during the "free-style" portion two trucks flipped--Bounty Hunter and Grave Digger.  Worth the $20 tickets just to see that.  Seriously, we paid $20 a piece to see this event.  I know, hard to believe. 

 We ended up at one of our favorite restaurants downtown--Thaifoon.  For you celiacs out there, it has the most comprehensive gluten free menu in SLC.  We love it there.
All and all, a fun way to kill a Saturday.  And, truth be known, it was nice to cross it off the bucket list.   


michelle said...

I can't believe your family and mine were both there. I think we are pretty unlikelly candidates for monster jam. But my boys loved it. Either you were sitting very near my boys or there were a lot of tatooed people there. William said there was a guy next to him with names tatooed on his face. Ring any bells? And I am sure I am spelling tatooed wrong.

Britt said...

I think every family needs a little white trash culture every once in a while. It keep us well-rounded. That's why we go to the demolition derby every year. :)