Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scout Record Keeping

This really should be my last scout update for a while.  I spent the better part of one day working on this latest project and I had several friends (whom I had told about this project) ask that I do a post explaining this.  

While normally, I adore computers, my trust in the scout system computers is low, so I felt a need to create my own hard copy back up system.  This way, if there is any question, I have it in my hands for the parents immediately.  (Also, because the Utah system, isn't  compatible with a Mac, I would have to go down to my husband's office to use his PCs every time a parent had a question.) 

Here is what my kitchen table looked like for most of one day.

The person before me actually had a very good system in place but she had a greater trust in the computer system than I do, so I refined it just a little bit.   

I have one thick notebook with every boy's info it.  I have them in the book based on when they entered the scouting program--the newest 11 year old scout at the front to the boys about to get their eagle at the back.

Every boy has a sheet protector with this paper in it.

As the boys earn their rank advancements, I can hand write the dates next to it.  Underneath the rank advancements, I have listed all of the required merit badges, where I can list the dates they earned those.  If a parent calls and wants to know what required merit badges their son needs, I have it all on one piece of paper.  

On the other side of the paper, I have table where I can hand write in their elective merit badges and what date they earned those.  I have it numbered, so again, they know how many they have earned.  (Boys have to earn a minimum of nine elective merit badges to get their Eagle.) 

Right behind the above sheets, I have baseball card holder pages, to hold the boy's blue cards.  (The blue cards are filled out when a boy earns a merit badge.)  So, if there is any question about their merit badge info, I have their blue cards all organized and together in one place.  

I've had several parent's ask me how to keep track of their son's info at their house.  This is what I created for my son.  

It requires a three ring notebook. 

In it, I have copies of his scout health form and any merit badge worksheets he has worked on or is currently working on.  

The first page has his rank advancement patches and cards.  They wear their current rank advancement patch on the left pocket of their scout shirt.  Behind that, I have his copy of the blue cards in baseball card holders.  

These next sheets, I got from my sister, who said their area in Colorado, requires the boys to have these sheets filled out and brought to their court of honors.  It is good to have this as part of their record.  

They are camping logs, service logs and leadership logs.  

As you can see, they very basic, but they are in the three ring binder as well.  I make my son write the info on it and sign it.  
Anyway, the project is now done and I am finally feeling very organized and feeling like I can really do my calling of "Scout advancement chair" well.


Kari said...

This is awesome. We did it for our own son, but how many other parents I know have cursed scouting for years, only because they didn't have a system, or they wouldn't take time to put it in a silly binder, for Pete's sake.

(I'm simplifying--not fair. There are LOTS of reasons people become frustrated with scouting. This post would help them immensely in this area, though!)

Paige said...

Ok, I need a scout binder for my kid. It's too late to do anything with the old one. I didn't know better. But I could at least be organized with the young one.

Gabriela said...

You are the Queen of Scouts.

Great ideas, as always. As a mom of three boys, I thank you for sharing. :)

Tess said...

they are so lucky to have you in that calling!

David said...

that's a lot of work!

love.boxes said...

I think this is fantastic! Great job!