Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Goodreads Reading Challenge

On my side bar, on the very bottom, you will notice a new thing.  It is the 2011 Goodreads Reading challenge.  When I entered it, it informed me I read 66 books last year.  

Did you know that means I read 5.5 books a month?!  

That is crazy because that means I read more than one book a week.  However, I must say that occasionally, I come across I book I have read in my past and I add it because I like to keep track of my reading history, even if it happened when I was in high school or college.  (Just a side question, I went to a university, not a college.  Am I supposed to say, "When I went to university?"  The whole educational system is different between a college and university, so why don't we distinguish between the two when we talk?

Anyway, thus far, I have read 22 books this year.  My goal is 70.  This really won't change my reading habits as my reading "problem" is pretty deep.  I always have a book in the car, at least one in each bathroom, I read when I am waiting in line at the bank, while waiting for my kids at school, at the park, waiting in-line at a fast food drive-thru, in the bathtub every night and sometimes I even plan my dinner based on being able to stand and stir a pot with a book in front of me (the Mac and Cheese recipe I have posted on this blog).  I also never consider length when I pick a book.  

So, anyway, we shall see how this challenge plays out.  And, I think knowing that I read 66 books last year explains without a question, why my house is always never completely clean.  It is never completely dirty (I'm not gross) but it never seems to completely be in order.  I have over 5000 square feet, four kids, work about 10 hours a week, and have a serious reading problem.  Now you know why, when you stop by, you might have to step over a few toys or ask for towel to wipe off one of my counters.

And, if you are curious, I am currently reading, The Widow of the South by Robert Hicks



Mark and Heather said...

I think you have a great balance in life. If your house was perfect something else would be lacking. :) PS My house is never perfect even if I try and I am only responsible for 2000 sf.

michelle said...

I knew you were a kindred spirit! I even have metal bookstand that sits on my counter so I can read while cooking, or chopping or whatever!

Queen Elizabeth said...

Did you finish Middlesex? Verdict?

Gabriela said...

My reading has been cut in half-at least- without my "staff" to free me up. I have the kindle app on my iphone so I always have a book on hand.

Lisa said...

You've already read 22 books?! YOu are a reading machine! (and I'm in awe)

Britt said...


You're the coolest.