Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great Family Home Evening Lesson

For Activity Days, my daughter came home with this game.  The paper says it is from, "Primary Days Super Activity Days and Socials" by Mary H Ross.

We did this for Family Home Evening and it was a HUGE success.  One of our best in recent months.  

BEARS stands for "Be Enthusiastic about Reading Scriptures."

She had this spinner.  

We all had our scriptures in front of us (me helping my four year old) and turned to the beginning of the Topical Guide.   My daughter would spin the spinner which gave us which standard work to look in and then holler out a subject. (Tithing, Jerusalem, Kindness, Faith, etc.)   We would frantically find the subject in the Topical Guide and then look for a scripture from the standard work that had been chosen.  

Then, it was a race to find that scripture.  The first person to find it won the round and then they would read the scripture out loud.  

This help page (below) was useful for my kids who often didn't know if a scripture listed in the Topical Guide was in the New Testament, Old Testament, Doctrine and Covenants or the Book of Mormon.   

Not only did this have us actually using our scriptures and learning where to find specific "books" (Genesis, Mark, 1st Nephi etc.) but it also lead to great gospel conversations about what those scriptures meant.  

Great game.  So grateful for good Activity Day leaders.  


ash said...

I'm going to put this in my files. Thanks for sharing.

Queen Elizabeth said...

Great idea. And I recently got called as our ward's activity days leader.