Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finally, they have furniture in their room

We have been in our house over seven years.  I am not a decorator and I really don't care that much.  As long as my house is clean and the kids are happy, we are good.  

However, Toothsome #3 does not feel that way.  For his birthday, he said, "All I want is a bed frame for my bed like Toothsome's 1 and 2."  You see Toothsome's 1 and 2 have bed frames because they were hand me downs.  Toothsome #3 thought that it meant he wasn't big enough for one.  He didn't understand that he has a mother who would rather read a book than shop for furniture.  Also, you can see how low the windows are in their room.  I couldn't just buy any headboard or it would cover the windows and for a natural light loving fool like me and my husband, covering windows even a little bit is a big NO.  (Notice no true window coverings.  I'm that much of a light loving fool.  I should find a valance to cover the blinds though . . .)  So anyway, beds on the floor were good enough for me.  Sadly, not for toothsome #3.  

So, I put down my book and spent about 3 months looking.  I found these at Pottery Barn.  Now everyone is happy, except Dentist husband who saw how much I paid for Pottery Barn furniture even if it was on sale.  The dragonfly painting on the right is an original Kari Christensen.  It really doesn't match his normal work but we commissioned it from him and he was more than willing to do it.  

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