Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Key Pad

Dentist husband and I have been having an argument.  
Our kids are getting old enough, that they need to be able to get into our house when we are not there.  (Sigh, I liked having them young enough to stay with me always.)   

Most people have an electronic keypad that lets them in through opening a garage door.  I wanted that.  Dentist husband did not.  He wanted a front door keypad.  I did not.    

Well, then, our front door latch started acting funny.  It was hard to open.  My father, Mr. Fix It Man, tried to fix it when he was in town visiting.  His conclusion was that we need to replace our front door latch.  That opened up the door, no pun intended, for Dentist husband to win the argument.  

So now we have a front door keypad.  Our is actually quite attractive but I still think it looks like we have our house for sale.   And no, you can't have the code.  And, I can see our alarm system going off like crazy until our kids figure this all out.  


I'm Lindsay. said...

HI Janice! I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm glad you liked my article on I think that keypad you have is pretty cool! Great solution!

Paige said...

We have the keypads, and it's nice. You can give codes to the mother-in-law, for when they are coming to watch the kids, you can give a code to someone who is staying with you, etc. And then you can change codes when you want. My hubby even has ours set up to send him a text when each kid opens the door. (Don't' ask me how, but he does)

everything pink! said...

if you ever come back to denver and need a place to stay, let me know!