Sunday, August 14, 2011

I was Trying to Get a Christmas Card photo at this reunion

Many trips ago, as we were leaving Newport, my sister-in-law snapped one photo of our family and everyone looked great in it.  It became our family Christmas card photo that year.  Ever since then, every beach trip we take, I try to get one I can use and every year, it fails.  

First attempt:

Besides the fact that my rash guard is a mess, our eyes are closed and nobody looks good.  Also, Toothsome #3 has sand coming out of his nose.  This is the best of the six or so that were taken here.

2nd Attempt:

I thought I would avoid the weird rashguard from the day before and went with this one instead.  Every photo someone's eyes are closed and honestly, I am now old enough that I can't get away with "the no makeup, don't do my hair" look anymore.  I was going for "fun on the beach, carefree look" but honestly, I look like I have no eyelashes and something is seriously wrong with my skin.  Also, Toothsome #4 is struggling with doing a normal smile in photos right now. 

3rd Attempt

Every reunion, my sister-in-law makes family reunion t-shirts for everyone.  This year, it featured the family station wagon from years ago.  (That car became Dentist husband's first car when he turned 16.)  

Anyway, there is one that kind of turned out that I might use from this try but as you can see Toothsome #1 is making a face in EVERY photo we took this time.  Also, both of my girls have wet hair from us coming to this part of the reunion late--our traditional last day barbeque.  Also, my husband's vacation 'stache is very noticeable in this grouping.  

Honestly, I was hoping for a useable family photo.  


Paige said...

Oh, the dreaded Christmas card picture. It's nearly impossible.

kel said...

sorry we didn't have more success. :( you're still a handsome family.

ash said...

I totally know the feeling of trying several different times to get a good photo and then getting nothing. At least you start in August, I usually start trying to get good photos Dec 1st!

love.boxes said...

I think you look great! And, I love those shirts! Send me a card whatever you decide!