Saturday, August 13, 2011

Let's Talk About the Vacation 'Stache

Dentist husband comes from a family of nine kids.  Every three years, we take a trip to Newport Beach, CA and have a glorious week of family togetherness and beach fun.  Honestly, I love my husband's family.

About 10 years ago, instead of going to the beach, my father-in-law took us on a cruise.  On the cruise, Dentist husband invented the "cruise 'stache."  It was awful and I was almost embarrassed to be with him but since we were traveling with two kids and I was 7 months pregnant (yes, you read that right), I had no choice.  

Ever since then, on family vacations, Dentist husband and his brothers and brothers-in-laws grow a "vacation 'stache."  This year was a banner year for vacation 'staches and many of the men grew them ahead of time.  Dentist husband got a late start because I didn't let him have one at my 20 year reunion, which was just the weekend before.  

The whole crew, including my father-in-law.  He was a first time participant.  

Dentist husband with the "Ray Byes" which was a man in his church growing up.  His brothers and sisters saw him and all said, "Hey, you are growing a Ray Byes!"  Little does this man know, his mustache is famous.  

 Sibling #7's husband.  
Sibling #8's husband's chin beard.  This doesn't do it justice in that it was very creepy in real life.  

Sibling #5 husband

Sibling #1.  He started growing his weeks before the reunion.  

Sibling #9

My father in law

Sibling #6 husband
I forgot to take one of two people, Sibling #2 and Sibling husband #4.  But, I found this hilarious picture taken at the Luau a few days before.  The man holding the baby in the back is Sibling Husband #4 and the one next to my husband is sibling #2 and he is a surgeon.  I know.  Hard to believe. (Actually, they were doing hilarious poses for everyone during a photo shoot of all of the men.  These two are HILARIOUS together.)  

Anyway, it was a great trip.  We love Newport.


Britt said...

One year, all the men in our family had an ugly mustache contest at Lake Powell. It produced the funniest pictures I've ever seen.

I'm glad that you guys have fun relatives too.

kel said...

sweet stache.

ash said...

Haha, loved this post. Photos are great. What a crazy/great tradition.

love.boxes said...

How fun! FIL wins :)