Sunday, August 14, 2011


We don't have cable TV at our house.  
So, when on vacation, we let our kids watch endless amounts of the cable TV.  

In our hotel in Las Vegas, we watched Man Verses Food, a family favorite and they spotlighted Philippe's restaurant in LA.  

Philippe's claims to have invented the French Dip sandwich and they dip the bread in the auju instead of having it in a bowl on the side.  

We decided to have a field trip there.

Outside the restaurant.
Waiting for our sandwiches

The famous sandwich.  
We tried their pork, beef and lamb.  

BEST french dip sandwich I have ever had.  My father in law, his wife and my husband all said the same.  My kids loved it too (especially the lamb).  The beef was my favorite.

Their hot mustard was awesome too.  

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