Thursday, March 15, 2012

It is great to be eight!

Toothsome #3 is now 8.  As we always do, the party starts when the kids wake up, still in pajamas.  

 Dentist husband said, "Toothsome #3 gets all of the hand me downs, so this year, I am buying him something cool."  Mission accomplished--the Riprider 360 trike with caster wheels.  There has been a child or parent on it non stop since he got it.

 For his birthday dinner, he chose Einstein's bagels.  He loves their Lox.  (The Swedish genes are coming through).

His birthday dessert was an ice cream pie.  I make a killer graham cracker crust and he chose Rocky Road and Mint chocolate chip ice cream.  

 He blew out his candles using his "Airzooka"--another birthday present.

 And, the greatest present of all, his own cub scout shirt and hat.  After watching scouts since he was born (I've been doing cub scouts/11 year old for 10 years now), he is finally old enough to do it himself.  He can't wait. 
All and all a great birthday.  He gets baptized next month.  

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jo said...

Happy Birthday, cute #3! I, of course, can't believe you're eight. Still, that birthday can't be beat and I'm sure you deserved every bit of it's wonderfulness.