Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A snowy weekend

We got snow last weekend--twice.  
The first one was not a huge storm but we did head to the sledding hill.  This picture shows the mud puddle at the base of the hill.  My kids were soaked in--all of their layers--wet/muddy water.  
The next day, there was no school and a bigger snow storm had hit.  After participating in Piano Federation (all of my kids got 5's!), we again headed to the sledding hill.  This time, Toothsome #4 refused to wear winter clothes.  Here she is in the snow in her Crocks with no socks. . .
sleeveless summer dress and the winter coat, I insisted she wear.  Thankfully, this was self-limiting and she came and got in the warm car with me a short-while later.  
Saturday morning, we spent one last day on the sledding hill.  It was packed with people. 
FYI:  A boogie board with a broken wrist band makes a great sled.  

None of us were ready to come in yet, so, I helped my kids make a snow fort in our front yard. 

Later in the day, we made a balloon volleyball court in our basement.  We played some very intense games for over an hour.  (We played to seven and you had to win by two.  The winner stayed in.  We had two referees.  Trust me, don't argue with the referees.)

Also, after seeing these dishes a while ago, they came on sale and I purchased them.  I love them.  
It was a great weekend.  Also, if you live in Utah and haven't eaten at Settebello, you really must go there.  

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love.boxes said...

Those dishes are so perfect for you.. it's not even funny!