Friday, March 30, 2012

Photos from my life this week

I just downloaded some pictures from my cell phone.  Here are some I found.  Many of these I didn't take but were taken by my kids.

I walked in on these three like this--talking.  Toothsome #1 was actually very happy even though his face doesn't show it.  

 Dentist Husband relaxing with a car magazine after work.
 Dentist Husband doing Toothsome #4's hair while she eats carrots.  
 For Family Home Evening, we went to Macey's and got Kong cones.  They are under $2 and a huge (uneatable) amount of ice cream.  Most of this was brought home and put in the freezer.  

 They put Toothsome #4's in three separate cups.
 Toothsome #4 at his first pack meeting, which just happened to be the Rocket Derby.  He did the whole thing by himself. 
 Toothsome #4 dressing up with my favorite winter scarf and other accessories.  
 Toothsome #2 with her gold cup after earning three 5's in Federation solo competition.  
It has been a good week in our house.  

To quote my mother-in-law,  "Thank God for every uneventful day." (This is not said in vain, but in honest, prayerful thought.) 

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