Friday, April 6, 2012


I have never been a big fan of basketball.  I can watch football longer than most of my friends who are girls, but a basketball game has never done much for me.  And, it hasn't been from lack of trying.  I was raised going to a lot of University of Colorado basketball games.  Basketball was on TV at my house a lot.  I have a brother, sister and dad who love March because of college basketball.  But for whatever reason, I could never get into it.

Also, my husband and I are short--really short, short enough that people notice that we are short people.  I have never wanted either of my boys or girls to want to play basketball because I know they will never be tall and I don't want them to love playing a game that they will have no ability to compete in once everyone goes through puberty and my kids are left many inches shorter than their friends.

So, basketball has never been on my or my husband's radar until recently.   While volunteering at my kids school, I noticed how much of recess is spent playing basketball.  In talking with my 6th grade son, I learned that basketball in its various forms (HORSE, Twenty One, Lightening, Around the World, etc.) was THE game to play at recess.  And while watching a few times during recess,  I noticed that in spite of his shortness, he is good.  My eight year old son is starting to want to learn more about basketball too.

So, this week, my husband and I bought a basketball standard.

Guess what?  I am interacting with my kids way more.  My 12 year old son and I have fun playing HORSE together.  We have intense family games of Lightening.  Our neighbor taught us "7 on the Line."  I am a pretty good shot (especially since we have it at its lowest setting at seven and 1/2 feet).  My 12 year old son is impressed with my shooting skills (all learned playing junior high and church basketball).  I can still do a decent lay up and my boys notice and care.  My girls join in and I hear them say, "I made one with 'nothing but net.'"  We laugh; we trash talk; we grab at each other; we come inside hot and sweaty.

So, no, my boys or girls are not going to be playing on any "big" teams.  And, likely, not even a junior high school team, but that is not the reason for this basketball standard.  This is about something way more important.

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Michelle said...

I feel just the same way! When we got our b-ball standard last year I felt like an official mother of boys. I love that right now they think I have skills, when really I have very little. We had a great time with junior jazz this year in case you are considering it next year.