Friday, April 13, 2012

My Time with Dickens

In February, I did this post about my goal to finish reading Charles Dickens in the year 2012.  Since that post, I have read three more of his novels--David Copperfield, The Pickwick Papers and Oliver Twist.

I have discovered that there are times in our lives, when we are better suited for reading certain authors than others.  About 15 years ago, I attempted to read all of Charles Dickens and after reading one, and starting David Copperfield, I couldn't do it.  I would read the first few pages and get "stuck."  I tried multiple times and could never get through it.

Well, this must be my time for Charles Dickens because I have absorbed and loved these three books and look forward to reading the rest of his novels.  Honestly, I have had NO trouble with them and have been very sad when I have completed each story.

Another thing I learned years ago, when I read all of Jane Austen in about a month time period, is that it is necessary to take a break and read other authors in between.  By the end of reading Jane Austen, all of her books seemed to blend together and to this day, I have a hard time remembering where one story ended and another one began (with the exception of Emma because she is such a silly character.)

So, this time around, I read one of Charles Dickens' novels, read a few other books in between and then pick up Dickens again.  The authors I read in-between seem "poor" in comparison to Dickens.  Dickens has such a beautiful way with words and his ability to describe a scene is almost matchless.  I was talking to my mom about this and I said, "It is like drinking a fresh glass of cold, filtered water when I pick up Dickens after reading another author.  I didn't realize I was thirsty or that the other drinks I had been drinking in-between were unsatisfying until I pick up Dickens again and realize what I have been missing."

So, Monday, I will pick up "Bleak House."  I have been warned by many that this is a "hard" Dickens.  We shall see.  Maybe this will be my "foil" with Dickens but I doubt it.  I wasn't planning on loving Oliver Twist but I did.  So much so, that what I am reading now (which has come highly recommended and is well written) is nothing compared to Oliver Twist.  

I am loving my time with Charles Dickens.


Unknown said...

So interesting-my aunt just wrote a post about this! I think you will enjoy it

Britt said...

I have that same Jane Austin melting pot problem.