Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Break, Locally which actually was several weeks ago

Spring Break happened several weeks ago but today, I decided to post pictures about it.

We stayed locally this year and just did fun stuff around town.  The weather was great, so we played a lot of 2 square on our driveway.

 We went to the park and flew kites
 and slid down the grass.
 We went to Color Me Mine.

 We purchased a basketball hoop and played a lot of basketball.
 Toothsome #3 worked on his United States Quarter collection.

 We went to the new Natural History Museum.  

 We built and shot off rockets

 Toothsome #4, my little hipster.
 We got new Easter dresses.  
(I am not actually wearing mine in this picture.  I found something I wanted from Shappy Apple after Easter.) 
 And, of course, we dyed eggs.

I don't have pictures of the many times we ate out or our attempt to find the best place for hot chicken wings in Utah.  It was a great, low key Spring Break.


Anonymous said...


And did you find the best wings?

Tess said...

Love the pictorial...look how big and beautiful your kiddos are growing.