Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Memory

For the last few years, I've been trying to write down my Christmas memories. Here is one in honor of my wonderful BYU roommates.

Christmas CD

My sophomore year at BYU, I lived in the King Henry apartments. They were super far away from campus and I had no car. King Henry had various levels of not so nice to nicer apartments and we lived in the crappiest of them all. Six girls, one bathroom. Concrete walls, small rooms. In spite of that, we managed to have a great time living there and the friendships made there have continued 15 years later.

Anyway, it was a cold December and I had walked a long way home after a long difficult day at school. I wanted nothing more than to come home and take a long hot bath. At some point earlier, I had purchased a new Christmas CD--A Very Special Christmas II. I hadn't opened it yet because of school stress and business. I was waiting for the right circumstances to open it when I felt more on top of things so I could really enjoy it and hopefully soak up some Christmas spirit.

I walked into my apartment feeling very sorry for myself to find L dancing and laughing. She looked up at me and said full of enthusiasm, "I love this CD. (My brand new, I thought unopened, Christmas CD) M and I have decided that we like songs 9 and 15 the best." I was furious. She had opened my new CD without asking? Where had I left it? I was pretty sure it was in my room--not out in the open. I could feel my frustration about everything boiling to a breaking point. Then, for some reason, I relaxed and laughed. L was actually enjoying things--school, the Christmas season, our crappy apartment, and especially at the moment, my new CD. L, who in her personal life had a lot more on her plate than me was laughing and happy and I realized I needed to not be a Scrooge and not only let her enjoy it but enjoy it with her. I remember putting down my bag and saying, "Ok, play for me songs 9 and 15. I want to hear them." It was a turning a point for me. I so enjoyed the rest of the semester and the Christmas season with her and my other roommates. We all had a great December (three of us having birthdays that month)and managed to focus on school and having some fun as well. I credit L for that. She opened my eyes that difficult day and I often reflect on it. Regardless of what is going on around me, I can enjoy the ride and take time out to dance, sing and laugh. Thanks L!


love.boxes said...

It was difficult for me to get into the Christmas spirit down at the BY. I have never been in a more competitive environment in my life. I have my diploma framed on my wall. I'm not so proud of my grades or my degree nearly as much as I am of surviving the whole thing. I did have 3 different really fun roomies at different times who made things fun sometimes which is the reason I like this post so much. :)

Paige said...

We had 6 girls with one bathroom and crappy apartments at Campus Plaza, too. I was waiting for the part of the story where you chewed out your roommate for opening YOUR cd, then found your unopened CD in your room where you left it. Ha.

Janice said...

Tiff: My diploma is framed and up in my kitchen wall--what I jokeingly call me office.

michelle said...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane, that is one thing I remember about byu at christmas, for some reason my roommates played christmas music allllll the time. I need to get out my cds!