Monday, November 19, 2007

Great Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! It started out very rough because I had been hit with a bad cold Thursday evening. Friday morning, I was functioning at about 20% but fortunately, by the evening, I was at 80%. My son had an indoor soccer game downtown and beforehand we went to Barbacoa for dinner. Some of the greatest experiences with my kids have taken place at Barbacoa. For whatever reason, that restaurant brings out the great conversation with my kids. Maybe it is my Diet Coke induced high (they really have the best Diet Coke in the valley and a serve yourself lime container on the side) but my kids and I laughed, joked and had a great time before we had to head downtown.

I am not a big fan of indoor soccer. The ball is out of play more than it is in play and it doesn't appear their soccer skills are really helped much by chasing a really fast ball around the court and it seems like we are always just one fall way from a concussion, but anyway, my son played well, I had some great conversation with the parents on his team and it was a fun night (maybe helped by the many Diet Cokes at Barbacoa beforehand).

Saturday morning, we saw "Mister Magoriums Magic Emporium" with a bunch of friends and then had a fun lunch out. Sunday, after the Primary Program, the weather was perfect outside, we spent the afternoon playing catch with the kids. Later, we went to dinner at Dentist husband's dad's house. It was a great weekend.

Today, I am going to try and be super woman and get more done that I usually do. I hope my kids are on board.


Lindsey said...

You guys always seem to be doing fun things. When I come to UT again will you take me to Diet Coke Heaven with you?

ash said...

This post makes me miss home!

love.boxes said...

I love having lunch with little c and I love a great DC w/ lime! Did you like the movie?

Janice said...

Tiffany: I liked the movie. I felt that they started about 5 different story lines and never really ended any of them. But, it was fun, colorful and a great way to spend time with my kids.

love.boxes said...

That story line thing might bug me, but maybe I'll just go for the special effects.. plus we need a fun day around here. :)