Friday, November 2, 2007


My mom is a list person. Growing up there were always lists posted around the house. There were "to do" lists. There were "How to do" lists. There were lists of errands that needed to be done. There were lists of good information, such as, "Food to have on hand when guests come" or "Good and bad fats to eat." I loved the lists because it made things so simple. If we were leaving on errands, I knew exactly where we were going and in what order. If my mom wanted something done while she was gone, there was a list. No guessing. I read the list and just did. As a result, I have become a list person myself, while not as proficient as my mother, I make great lists.

Anyway, while visiting my parents, a new list appeared. I loved this list so much, I had to photocopy it and bring it home with me. My mom made this as part of her "keeping the house disinfected to make sure my dad doesn't get another infection" plan. It really is good information, so I thought I would post it.

To Clean the Shower
1. Just outside the shower door on the floor set: 1. Can of "Scrubbing Bubbles" (just so you know, Scrubbing Bubbles has almost mystical qualities in my house. We use it to clean EVERYTHING and all five us kids kids have a can of the stuff in every bathroom and several in the kitchen in our own houses 2. Sponge 3. Roll of paper towel
2. Take your shower.
3. Turn water off but stay inside the shower.
4. Open shower door just a little bit--(to keep the warmth in) and 5. Bring the can of "Scrubbing bubbles and spong into the shower with you.
6. Shut the door. Stay in the shower.
7. Shake the can of "Scrubbing bubbles" well and spray all the walls and the door from top to bottom.
8. Wet the sponge (turn on shower just enough) to wet the sponge.
9. With the sponge, scrub all the walls and the door and floor. Be careful not to slip!
10. Turn on shower (nice and warm) and rinse out your sponge and with your wet sponge, slosh off all the walls and door and floor.
11. Turn off water. Wring out sponge
12. Use the squeegee to slick the water oof the walls, door and floor into the drain.
13. Get out of the shower and dry yourself.
14. Take all of your tools (Scrubbing bubbles, sponge and squeegee) out of the shower.
15. Tear off some paper towel and wipe off the still wet places in the shower. Especially--corners of the floor, faucet, around the drain, the whole floor, the metal trim and strip along the bottom of the door.
16. Throw away wet paper towel and put the rest away.

I can say that having done it at my parent's house and now in all three of my showers at my house, it is one great way to clean a shower!


Lindsey said...


Paige said...

And how long does that take?

Janice said...

Paige: Start to finish less than 10 minutes.

Gabriela said...

Wow. Impressive.

love.boxes said...

My shower needs me to do this... I've been using that shower clean stuff that you spray your shower down with after you use it and it's ok, but it's no scubbing bubbles.