Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great Weekend

First, this picture is for my sister, Goddess #1.  When she was visiting about a month ago, this part of my office was in shambles.  I don't think she thought I would ever get it orderly.  Well, here is proof, Goddess #1.  See, sometimes I do have it in me.  
Anyway, this past weekend, we headed up to Heber, UT where my husband keeps his airplane.  The weather has been so fickle that he hasn't been able to fly it much this winter, so Saturday was a good fly day, so we all headed up there.  First, we had to stop at the Heber bowling ally for some bowling. 

Here is Dentist husband with his beloved airplane.  If you follow all that has happened with Nie Nie, I have been hesitant to write much about my husband's flying adventures, but when you are married to man who would rather be in the air than on the ground, it is hard not to mention every once awhile.  He just did touch and gos and let each of the kids go with him for awhile.  I had my book club book, "Undiscovered Country" by Lin Enger and got that mostly finished while watching kids and hanging out in the hanger.  (FYI--I didn't like the book.) 
This picture got out of order but this is me with my all time high bowling score.  I got 144!  I am usually just happy if I can break 100.  Even after taking a bowling class at BYU, I am still a crappy bowler, so this was huge for me.  
Oh, I am loving my Mac.  It has been a good switch.  

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michelle said...

Looks like great fun! I know what you mean about Nie, but I would have a hard time discouraging a love like that too!