Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sometimes We are Really Cool Parents

I have been meaning to post this entry for awhile, so even though this is about 2 months late, here we go:

This is my kids riding on our Christmas tree, as it is dragged from the back of our car.  

Every year, we have to take our tree to a local approved tree dumping area.  Dentist husband was telling the kids how he remembered one year, when he was a little boy, his dad letting him "ride the Christmas tree" to the drop off area.  The kids begged to do it too.  

While we didn't let them ride it all of the way to the drop off area, dentist husband did let them do it down our street.  And, before any of you start calling us bad parents, there was no one out that day, we were going plenty slow (the kids kept on yelling, "Faster"), and they still talk about how great it was.   Trust me, sledding is more dangerous.
So, sometimes, we are really cool parents.


Lisa Christine said...

Cool parents indeed!

Britt said...

I showed this to my kids at home. Big mistake.

"Why don't we ever do stuff like that?" "See, THEY don't have helmets on!" "Why is our tree always fake?"

Thanks a lot.

Gabriela said...

LOL. They look pretty happy!

Once my dad me ride on TOP of the car when I was little. I thought my mom was going to KILL him.

Britt-I won't be showing my kids! Thanks for the heads up :).

Michelle said...

I think you are very amazing! They will always remember that!

ash said...

That does look fun! I don't remember ever doing that, too many kids at that time to fit on the tree I guess. What fun.

Anonymous said...

I love it!! I would love to do that. My dad used to pull our sled behind the car. No, not dangerous at all.