Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reason Number 1 million and 11 Why I Love my Emeco Chairs

This is my daughter's coat, drying over the furnace vent on my Emeco chair.  The chair heats up and helps dry the coat.  

I love my Emeco chairs.


Lisa said...

ooo.....that means it's probably all toasty warm to sit on? Kind of like the heated seats in my van? Now that would be wonderful!

Dan Fogelson said...

thanks for the notice!
Dan Fogelson
VP Sales and Marketing, Emeco
401 935 7088

Janice said...

Oh Lisa, you have no idea. We put them in front of our fireplace and call it hot chair. It is so wonderful after being outside in the cold to come and sit on one.

Gabriela said...

I was happy to become familiar with your famous chairs! And-after I visited you I saw them in Flatirons mall.