Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas China

Dentist husband and I got married in December (the 27th).

As a wedding gift, my aunt gave us two dinner plates of the Spode Christmas tree pattern china. Throughout the years, I have picked up more pieces and now own 12 of the dinner plates as well as several serving bowls. It is a tradition that starting December 1st, we use the Christmas tree dishes for every meal until January 1st.
There is something so festive about eating on these dishes daily. And, as everyone knows, I hate to cook but knowing that I will be serving lunch and dinner on these dishes motivates me to make good meals because it is just so fun and festive to sit around the dinner table and eat on these wonderful dishes.


michelle said...

I love that Spode china! What a great tradition!

Lisa said...

I am sure your children must always look forward to December so that they can eat on the fancy plates!