Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lights at Thanksgiving Point

I never bring my camera, so I have no photo evidence, but every year, our favorite holiday tradition is driving down to Utah County and going to see the Lights at Thanksgiving Point. We laugh, we sing, we oh and ah over everything and then enjoy the Nativity Story at the end. We then go grab dinner at the deli inside. They even have reindeer. In my humble opinion, if you live in Utah, it is a must attend event.


Paige said...

We do that every year, too. Minus the deli part.

Gabriela said...

We never have enough time in Utah over New Year's to do everything we want to do. I vaguely remember doing this when Margarita was just a baby. Sounds like tons of fun, maybe we'll put it on the agenda this year.

David said...

i've only been there once, it was a couple summers ago for a scottish festival. very fun!