Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 37 and we celebrated by going back down to Thanksgiving Point.

Here are my kids looking at the reindeer.
Here is one of the reindeer.
One of the ice sculptures outside.
Waiting for our food
Cute toothsome #4. She chose this red shirt to wear that day because the blue one I had picked out of her was "too boring".
My "cake". I am not a big cake fan, so we always eat ice cream of some sort on my birthday. Toothsome #1 took the picture.
"Eating the zebra". When we get dessert some place, we only order one and get six spoons and call it "eating the zebra". (You know, like how lions all attack a zebra in the wild.)

It was a great birthday.


Stephanie Stearns Dulli said...

How cute! I myself also prefer ice cream! Sounds like you had a great birthday! Belated though it is...Happy Birthday!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you celebrated in style. I happen to love cake....but I usually make my own because I'm quite picky.

David said...

happy birthday!

jennie said...

Happy birthday old lady!! I'm SEVEN days younger!

ash said...

Happy 37th! That's a great pic that #1 took. Looks like a fun time.

jo said...

happy, happy Birthday, Janice dear.
I love the "eating the zebra" concept. Mind if I steal that? Thanks.

I'm glad you had a fantastic birthday. You deserve it!

michelle said...

Happy Birthday! Love the eating the zebra thing. Oh, and toothsome #4 face. So cute!

Tess said...

Hooray for happy birthdays! Nothing better than spending them with family.