Monday, April 19, 2010

Being Optimistic or Maybe just Wishful Thinking

Because the inside of my house is a total wreck, I decided to ignore it and head outside to look at my flower beds. I really have not thought about them since last fall and decided it was time to see what needed to be done. Last fall, I planted new bushes in the front to replace the bushes that had never done well in this spot. Three of them are looking really good.
However, the fourth, a mere few feet away from the other three doesn't look so good.
Here is a closer shot. It looks dead. However, I have had plants that look like this and really are "mostly dead" (thank you Princess Bride) and bounce back.
See in an even closer look, some of the leaves are still kind of green. So, I have not given up on this bush even though even I know I am walking the thin line between optimism and wishful thinking.
Meanwhile, my daphne bush looks like this. But, so does my neighbors, so I am not too worried about it yet. I really need to plant some forsythia because right now, they are blooming everywhere and look great. Not so with my yard, yet.
Again, optimism.

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