Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Being a Mother of Small Kids is Wonderful

For our family talent show last night, the following was done:

Toothsome #1 (age 10): --Math--Dentist husband gave him several math problems and he solved them. And, for some reason, dentist husband also decided to explain scientific notation to all of them as well.
--Flexing his muscles (done with his 6 year old brother)

Toothsome #2 (age 8): --Dance routine with toothsome #4
--her dance for her upcoming dance recital.

Toothsome #3 (age 6): --reading
--his "moves" (A lot running around and kicking and jumping)
--flexing muscles (done in conjunction with his older brother)

Toothsome #4 (age 3): --dance routine with toothsome #2
--by herself, free form dancing

All of this was typed up by toothsome #2 and put into a program.
Best night of April 2010 so far!


Minky Moo said...

I totally need another baby.

Kari said...

Too, too, too cute!!!!!! Wish we'd had more of those when our kids were under 10! I just didn't even think of it.

Paige said...


kel said...

i wish i could have attended the talent show. did you and Chris contribute?

great basement!