Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sneak Peek

The basement isn't quite finished but I so thrilled with some of the latest changes that I had to post pictures.
A freshly painted front door. It used to be brown. The shutters are also this color.
Family room wall. Eventually, that wall will have a TV on it. You can also see the carpet color.
Bathroom. Nobody liked the tile I picked out (at the store, the salesman as well as the guy laying it) but I persisted. I love it, my husband loves and the few people who have seen it, love it as well.
The bathroom light fixture. I picked this out in five minutes. I had no time and they needed me to have it picked out that afternoon. I literally ran into the store, saw this and said, "That one." I am very happy with it.


Minky Moo said...

I love the front door! It all looks great, but I am particularly fond of colorful front doors!

michelle said...

It all looks fabulous!

Paige said...

I love the front door! And it's all coming together. Good job!

ash said...

I am going to have to add my props to a neat front door. And the blue downstairs is looking good too. I can't believe it is almost finished.

kel said...

looking good. i too am a big fan of the blue front door. i can't wait to see it when it's finished (in person this summer) too.

p.s. why didn't they like the tile? it's great.

Janice said...

Kel, the big feeling was that I should have picked something more neutral, so I can change towel colors, etc. I have finally embraced my love of blue, so I had no worries about needing to buy red towels. Besides, I only buy white towels that I can bleach.