Sunday, May 15, 2011

Compulsive Snacking Update

About a week ago, I did this post about my current favorite snack item.  Well, thanks to my freshman year roommate, my snack choice has changed and it may have ruined my life.

During her last visit, my old roommate left her camera here,  so I sent it back to her with a few other "care package" items.  I learned about the beauty of a good care package from this roommate's mom.  Once a month, a big box would arrive at our dorm room.  It was always addressed to both of us (which I always thought was very generous of her) and it was filled with holiday decorations, exotic food items and often little gifts.  Our room had great holiday decorations all year long.  My roommate's mom was Jewish and for Chanukah, she sent eight presents to both of us.  At Easter, we got two huge baskets full of fun treats.  Honestly, I have been converted to "care packages" since then, and I try to mail care packages "just for fun" often.

Anyway, a few days after I mailed her care package, a box arrived at my house.  In it, she wrote a very nice note and said, "Here are some of our favorite Trader Joe's food."  Even though there is no Trader Joe's in Utah or Colorado, I know all about Trader Joe's.  I have friends who make specific trips to California just to fill up their car with their favorite Trader Joe's items.   I have one friend who moved here from New York and she said, "I might have to move back to New York and give up my yard and great house, just so I can shop at Trader Joe's."

I discovered their Spicy Black Bean Dip several years ago and I admit, I haven't been able to find anything as good around here and I have spent many hours buying and trying to do just that.  I honestly get that Trader Joe's is that good.  Am I willing to make a Why I Love Trader Joe's video yet?  No.  But that is because I only go to Trader Joe's when we are in California and even then, it is just a quick run in and run out.

However, that has all changed because of one item in the care package.  My roommate included a bag of their Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Pieces.  After a run (when I always crave salty things), I thought, "Why not? I'll eat these."  And, ten minutes later, with 1/2 of the bag gone and me realizing that I won't be going to California until August, I had a mild panic attack.   My first thought, "How can I make this bag last until August?"  Then I thought, "How can I not eat the rest of the bag right now?"  Then I thought, "When I go to California, how many bags can I fit in the extra spaces of my car?  10? 30? 40?"  Then the true panic set in.  "How am I supposed to run tomorrow if I can't eat these after my run?"

So, now you see, I have a big problem.  When you are compulsive about your snacks, you must only eat things that you can buy at your local grocery store.  And, now I have to go and write a pleading letter to Trader Joe's asking for them to open one in Utah.  A friendly care package may have just ruined my life.


love.boxes said...

You are so funny Janice. I suggest sending tons home in a moving box at the UPS store.

David said...