Friday, May 27, 2011

Periodic Table

On one of my first dates with Dentist husband, he talked very excitedly about a new discovery about carbon.  He said, "Carbon has been relentlessly studied and nothing new had come out about it for years and then they found this.  It is called Buckminsterfullerene or Bucky Balls.  Because of its shape, they considered naming it Soccerballene, but decided to name it in honor of Richard Buckminster Fuller, who created the geodesic domes."  

It was the beginning of my learning about my husband and his love of science, in particular chemistry.  I later learned he took college chemistry classes in high school during the summer at the University of Utah and later became a chemistry TA at Brigham Young University.  He often talked about the "beauty" of the Periodic Table.  He loved how it clearly shows "everything."  He once said to me, "We are on the Periodic Table.  The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the earth we stand one, everything around us is there.  It is beautiful."  

And when put that way, I had to agree.  My husband has often said, "I never understood how people could separate science from religion and art.  They are all so clearly linked to me."  

So for Father's Day this year, I found the "classic" periodic table that my husband used and spent hours studying.  I ordered a classroom sized one and am having it framed and then hung in our house.  Happy Father's Day Dentist Husband.  Thank you for teaching me about the beauty of every basic element.   


love.boxes said...

Beautiful. I couldn't agree more. The spirit of God is in all beautiful things.. including the Periodic Table!

Lisa said...

That is the perfect gift!

Loved this post :)

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

I agree :)
Sweet :)