Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This past weekend, I was able to get together with three of my best friends from college.  Actually, they really are just "my best friends."  All girls have many types of friends and at one point, most have been considered a "best friend."  I have one dear friend I have known since Kindergarten, and we talk weekly if not more often.  Another friend, dated my cousin in high school and we weren't very close then, but as the years have passed and they broke up long ago and she and I "talk" almost weekly via e-mail.  I consider her a best friend as well.  I have friends in my book club, that I adore and consider them, "best" as well.  In my neighborhood, I have good friends, friends who watch my kids for me in crisis', friends who sit and talk during dance lessons, friends who car pool with me etc.  All good and best friends in their own right.  

19 years ago, I met four ladies that would change me forever.  These friends have taken friendship to a whole different level for me.  We met our freshman year in college.  The girl in the bright blue dress was my roommate my freshman year.  The girl next to her, in the pastel flowered dress, lived across the hall, and the girl in the blue and white flowered dress on the end, kind of just invited herself in.  She lived off of campus, knew boys in our ward and just came to us.  

Our sophomore year in college, we lived together for one semester.  After that semester, I left and did a study abroad to Israel.  Later, three of us were in the MTC together.  At 23, I fell in love and at 25 was the first to get married.  The last one of us got married when we were all 30.  

During all of that time, phone calls, letters, e-mails and campus "run intos" happened.  Things were said, like, "Guess, who I ran into?  Your ex-boyfriend and he is dating a girl who looks exactly like you!"  And, "Janice, I am worried about M-----.  What do you think we should do?"  And, "I got my mission call.   I'm going to Brazil!"  And, "Janice, the pounds crept up on you over the summer, let's go for a run."  And, "He broke up with me.  I'm devastated."  And, "Guess what?  I'm engaged!"  We covered it all together.  Often, after not seeing each other for months or years.  
Here we are now.  19 years later.  We talked.  We laughed.  We cried.  We talked some more.  

We went to Apollo Burger, where L worked our freshman and sophomore year.  

We went shopping to M's favorite store and I walked out with a completely new outfit.  (White House, Black Market)

We were silly.  I bought these "dress" rubber gloves as a gift for everyone.

We reconnected and it was wonderful.  19 years ago, I moved into my freshman year dorm, not having any idea, how it would change my life forever.  So thankful for these girls.  


jennie said...

ahhhh, you gals are the best!

Paige said...

Friends are the greatest! And, WAY cute dress on you, by the way.

Alissa said...

sounds like a great weekend. great outfit--i'm a fan of whbm too.

Britt said...

Don't you love lifelong friends like that? They're great therapy.

David said...

is apollo burgers that place over by raintree apts?

Janice said...

David: I think that was Raintree over there. It was that strange corner location--I think there was a Great Harvest over there too.

Amy E. said...

You gals look great! Like the dress too! Can't believe it's been so long! Love all of you!