Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why the movie "Tangled" has ruined my life

Toothsome #4 is my youngest child and she is my most strong-willed.  

From the moment she came out and Dentist husband said to me, "Janice, I can just tell she is going to be a wild one",  our lives were changed forever.  (I don't know if he cursed her or he could just tell.)  

So, recently, the movie Tangled has been played regularly at my house.  And, because of who Toothsome #4 is, it has ruined my life.

1.  She refuses to wear shoes because Rapunzel doesn't wear shoes.

2. At a weak moment in Walmart, I let her get the above Rapunzel dress and now that is all she wears.  She even explained to me that since it is a dress, she can wear it to church.  It honestly takes wrestling to get it off of her.  

3.  She now carries around a frying pan and has said, "Rapenzel hits people with a frying pan who make her mad."  Toothsome #3 got hit.  I have now hidden all of the frying pans in my house. 

4.  She won't let me do anything with her hair because "Rapenzel has it long and flangy."  (Flangy being a Toothsome #4 word.) 

5. Often at inopportune times, she breaks out singing "And at last I see the light . . ."  At home, no problem but pre-school and church, yes, it is a problem.    

So there you have it, the movie Tangled ruined my life.  Too bad it is such a dang good movie.  


Mark and Heather said...

I don't think you are alone. Maybe there will be a support group or something because I have heard this from a lot of people. :)

kel said...

great post! and good luck with that iron-willed kiddo in the purple satin. :)

Kari said...

Ok, after that post, I really should see "Tangled." Wearing the princess dress to church. Perfect!

(Oh, and what a great story about your beautiful ring! :) )

David said...

i like tangled!