Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day at our House

 In the days leading up to Valentine's Day, Valentine's boxes were made.  Here is Toothsome #3 with his shark box.  He had help from Toothsome #2.  You pull the string and the mouth opens.  
 Toothsome #2 with her refrigerator box.  All of my kids handed out mini cans of Sprite (something started by my oldest several years ago) and she thought a refrigerator would be funny.  

Valentine's Day morning.  My kids wake up and I have cut out hearts all over our kitchen counter with a small gift from me.  This year it was Buckycubes for everyone.  

 Toothsome #4, on her own, made these for her pre-school party.  This was all her idea and I found her in the kitchen, drawing and cutting out brown paper hearts.  Again, I did NOTHING to help her with this except to have the toothbrushes, candy and Sprite's in the house.  She did the rest.  
 Every year, my parents and I mail each other heart-shaped boxes of Sees Candy.  The leftover box becomes part of my Valentine's decorations.  

Around 12:00, the doorbell rang, and a florist delivered two dozen roses from Dentist Husband.    12 lavender ones for Toothsome #4 and 12 red ones for me.  
 Toothsome #4 on the phone with Dentist Husband.  She was so thrilled!  

My flowers.

Dentist Husband had 12 pink roses sent up the school for Toothsome #2.  She was the celebrity of the school and I had a ton of moms and teachers stop me (I helped in two of my kids classrooms that day) and say what an amazing father Dentist husband is.  (FYI:  For years, I have asked Chris not to get me anything for Valentine's Day except to go out to dinner.  I have always viewed being able to be home with my kids as "gift enough."  Two years ago, he said, "I have to teach our boys how to treat their future wives, so just smile and happily accept anything I do for you on Valentine's Day.")  

That night, we had a family dinner at Five Guys Burger and Fries.  As everyone knows, nothing is more romantic to me than a good hamburger.  

It was a great day.  


jennie said...

I love this Janice!!!!

Kari said...

Now that is funny--my niece also just told me that she and her husband (of almost 1 year) went to 5 Guys for dinner on Valentine's Day! Must be the happening place.

What a fun thing, to send your daughter roses at school! (We will live the flower thing vicariously through you, so keep posting photos! Thanks!)