Friday, February 10, 2012

Dentist Husband is 40!

Last week, Dentist Husband turned 40.  He didn't want a party, or really any special attention brought his way.  I believed him.  And then, one of his high school friend's wife asked him to make a "roast" video for her husband and post it on YouTube.  And, my best friend from college, told me about this amazing surprise party she was doing for her husband's 40th and I started to feel a little sheepish about not doing anything.  So, my kids and I sat down and made a list of many of Dentist Husband's favorite things.  Then, we decided to buy him 40 of each item.  

In the above mentioned "roast video", Dentist Husband mentions black balloons.  My kids thought he needed 40 of those.  (Notice my Carl Larsson prints in the back.  I still need to hang them . . .) 

Dentist Husband loves Haribo gummy bears.  Toothsome #2 made a 40 out of 40 of those.  (I had to go 5 stores to get 40 of them.)  Also, notice the 40 bottles of NON-alcoholic beer.  Let me remind you of this blog post.   Dentist Husband loves the stuff even though he has never tasted the real deal.  

On the sofa:  40 packages of gum, $40 gift cards to:  McDonalds, SushiYa, our favorite movie theatre, and gas.  There are also 40 quarters for pinball.  

Toothsome #2 showing that one of the 40 balloons popped.

Below: Dentist Husband's reaction.  We told him he had to come in the front door.  

And, since I am married to 40 year old man (and I am the young age of 39), I purchased myself a new dress in honor of the occasion.  Years ago, my mom taught me to stand with my feet like this in photos.  From now on, you will notice that I always stand like that in photos.  
Happy 40th Dentist Husband!


Kari said...

Happy Birthday to your dentist!!!! What a cool idea--we did that with "75" of things for Frank's dad a few years back (cheap, small, easy-to-mail things: paper clips, raisins, m&ms). But I've never really thought of doing it for younger people. Nice posing for the camera, too, feet in proper position! ha.

I just scrolled down, and your color block dress makes you look like a model. Really nice! (now I'm intrigued by the idea, too.)

Paige said...

I love the gummy bears in the shape of 40. And I like that the gum is all sugar-free, as a dentist should like.

Cute dress, by the way!

Jeanne said...

Awesome post! Love the idea, my sister-in-law does something similar for her husband every year. Everyone is always anticipating it wondering what she'll come up with that year. I bet it was so fun for the kids to be in on that.

Also, you look fabulous! Love the dress!

Britt said...

I'm copying this next year. Too fun!

David Rivera said...
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Sean Shen said...

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