Friday, February 3, 2012

A little confession . . .

I honestly hate to shop.  As in, I hate walking to shopping malls, grocery stores, etc.  So, I do 99.9% of shopping on-line.  I can't remember the last time I purchased an article of clothing in a store (Actually now, I do; when my girlfriends from college came into town and insisted we go to White House Black Market.  I came home with whole new outfit, including the most comfortable black slides I have ever owned.) 

Anyway, below is my latest on-line purchase.  It was on sale at Nordstrom.  I got an email talking about color block dresses.  I was intrigued and so I clicked on over.  (I normally delete "sales" emails.) This dress was originally very expensive and on-sale for practically nothing.  This dress is beautifully made, fully lined and fits like a glove.  

And since I hate shopping, I would rather over-buy items, then come home, realize I forgot something and have to go back.  In cleaning out my spice cupboard, I discovered the following "repeat" items.  

FYI:  I use Cream of Tarter to make play-do only.  And, I've made play-do three times since I have had kids.  And, I have three bottles of Cream of Tarter. 

This is just my spice cupboard.  There are repeated items all over my house.   

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Queen Elizabeth said...

Great dress that looks great on you. Ditto on the repeats. (Pun intended.)