Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let there be snow . . .

Like most of the country, we in Utah have not had a very cold winter.  For a snow loving fool like me, it has made this winter no fun.  In my attempts to get snow to fall, I have resorted to opening my back door and hollering, "Let there be snow!" hoping to reach the snow gods and encourage them to grant my little spot on earth with snow.  

Anyway, a few Saturdays ago, we woke up to snow.  That meant, ignore breakfast, no showers and let's quickly grab our winter gear and go sledding.  (Before the snow melted).
 We were only the 2nd people on the sledding hill and we had a wonderful time.  (Dentist Husband and Toothsome #1 took advantage of the clear skies and went flying.)  

That same weekend, my brother and his youngest son came out to go skiing.  It sounds like they found some great snow too.  (His oldest son is here going to college and spent most of the weekend at our house too.) 

 As they were leaving, I realized I hadn't take any pictures and quickly had these two taken.  Not very flattering of any of us, but I think my brother looks fantastic at age 51.  
It was a great day (and great weekend with my brother and nephew here).  So, I will continue to holler, "Let there be snow!" daily and one of these days, it might just happen again. 

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