Sunday, August 10, 2008

Going "Home"

I have a wonderful life in Utah which I wouldn't trade for anything. This is where I live, where I am raising my children and where my husband has his great job that provides such a great living for us. That said, I can't fight the feeling that Boulder, CO, where I was raised will always be "home" for me.

Here is a list of the few things that I love about going home:

The Flatirons. Can you believe that I was lucky enough to live in a city with these amazing mountains as a back drop? I didn't fully appreciate them until I left home but now, I honestly see them and get teary.
2. 97.3, KBCO: Yes, this is the local radio station that introduced me to a great assortment of eclectic music listening. As soon as our car radio can pick it up, I immediately turn it to this station and soak in the listening pleasure.

3. My parents: This should go without saying, but parents still live there and they are the greatest sort of "going home comfort" there is. Both my parents bend over backward to make every visit amazing for me and my husband and kids. (I didn't realize I downloaded a picture of my mom with her eyes closed. Opps--don't tell her.)
4. The crazy liberals in Boulder that made me the strong conservative that I am today.
5. The University of Colorado : Yes, I am a BYU Cougar who knows all of the words to the Cougar fight song with a BYU diploma on my kitchen wall but when push comes to shove, I am Buffalo. (I used to listen to the CU football games while watching a BYU one.)


Jan said...

Love the picture of your family. Just beautiful.

Sounds like a great time. Glad you are conservative :).

Thanks for the share.

di said...

boy does that make me homesick!!!!!!

ash said...

Makes me excited for our family reunion coming up soon!

love.boxes said...

Those mountains are spectacular Janice! and your family is a great looking bunch of folks! Sounds like a fun time!