Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New, new, new.

Well, school is back in session for my kids. I miss them when they are gone and while it will be good to get into a routine again, this has been a banner summer and I am sad to see it over.

That said, with a new school year, the word NEW is being used a lot around here.

Here is a list of some of the NEW things that are taking place:

1. New teachers and for my first grader, attending all day school, taking hot lunch, two recesses--all new.

2. New shoes and clothes: For some reason, my kids wore out a lot of their clothes this summer, so I have had to run and buy some new clothes so they don't look like homeless people at school. They also all needed new "winter" shoes--aka not flip flops or my preferred word that everyone hates--THONGS.

3. A NEW battery and back tires for my minivan. Not necessarily a new school year thing, but just bad timing.

4. New dance, soccer, and scout schedule. Also, I really need to find my kids a good piano teacher. I have been teaching them and I am just not very good at it. At least I did save us some money teaching them through the first beginner books but it is time to get a NEW piano teacher.

5. Making dinner regularly again. Ok, in most homes this is not a NEW phenomenon but in mine it is. I am committed to eating out a lot less and thus this is a very NEW concept in our house. I don't make NEW year's resolutions but NEW school year resolutions and this is one of them.

6. New glasses for toothsome #1: His broke the first day of school. They are temporarily repaired and we have an appointment for an eye exam and new glasses.

7. New TV schedule with NEW shows. I don't pretend that I don't watch TV. I LOVE TV and am excited for the new shows, no more repeats. The new 90210 will probably be too raunchy darn it.

8. New football season: Go Cougars!

So, what are your NEW things?


Jan said...

It is all new for sure. Hope it all works out for everyone. What's new for me is not much really. I have a girl who was so excited to go back to school. That is new because my boys did not ever like to go back to school. :)

michelle said...

I like the new school year for resolutions too. I am hoping to amp up the exercise (by that I mean do it!), read scriptures more regularly, do better with fhe and quit eating sugar as much and definitely after 8pm. Man I am boring!

The Donald said...

That is a lot of new...and I share your 'new' drive to cook more and eat out less. So far so good...

Queen Elizabeth said...

Good luck with all of the newness! I, too, love TV. I figure after all of the entertaining I do (esp. this summer!!!), I just want to sit on my hiney and BE ENTERTAINED!!!

jo said...

I'm glad you're excited for the new TV shows. Which are you looking forward to the most?

(I also like TV... that's why we don't have one. ha ha)


What is new for me? You guessed it NO MORE SCHOOL!!! Oh, I hope I didn't say that too loud, I don't to give children the wrong idea.

Paige said...

We got new glasses for #3, too!