Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm Exhausted

(Better picture of my Mom--worse picture of my siblings)

I'm exhausted. Here is my list why:

1. The week of my family reunion, I stayed up until at least midnight every night talking to my family but waking up around 6:30 am with toothsome #4. I usually went through two Extra large McDonald's Diet Cokes to get through the day.

2. The Olympics: We don't have TEVO or anything like it, so I am staying up until it is over every night to watch. I am still buzzing from the Men's swimming relay. How AWESOME was that?

3. Breaking Dawn: In between the Olympics and trying to organize my life from my family reunion, I have been reading the last Twilight Book. I have now finished it. I have MAJOR issues with it. I won't say anything to spoil it for any of you, but let me just say, it needed much more Edward, way less Jacob and Bella's personality is nothing like her in the other books. (Don't get me started on the imprinting thing.) The first book was the best of the series. I really think I might buy a Team Edward t-shirt. (Am I too old for that?)

4. Trying to get ready for another big trip to Newport Beach in August with school starting the day after we get back.

If I wasn't Mormon, I would so be a major coffee drinker. As it is, I think my body is about 1/2 Diet Coke these days.


Jan said...

That is really funny Janice. I know how you feel sometimes. If you weren't a Mormon. How cute.

michelle said...

I am right there with you although I am blaming the olympics and crafting while I watch them. If my name came up at the library to get the new twilight book it would probably finish me off! I'm half Dr. pepper!

di said...

i just finished off my huge mcdonalds drink--i tried to avoid it all day--but i HAD to have it--how sad is that?

Paige said...

I hear you on number 2 and 3. But every time I would sit down (well, lay down, actually) to read, I would fall asleep. My kids would wake me up a half hour or so later, and I would be shocked. Was I asleep? What time is it? But now I'm done with it and can move on and read something else.

I'm glad you had such a fun time with your family.

Lisa said...

That mens relay....I can't get over how AMAZING that was!!! Wow oh wow. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it.

sara said...

i know i might get shot for saying this, but i can't deal with the twilight books. the story is okay, but the writing is sloppy and has WAY too much dialog that goes like this, "bella, I love you." "no edward, I love YOU!" after i read the first one, i didn't want to go on. but then the fam convinced me i HAD to read eclipse, so to do that i HAD to read new moon. after each of them i felt bitter about the time i wasted on them.

if you want to read some good young adult lit (which is a genre that i love) read anything by chris crutcher or the uglies series by scott westerfeld.

i'm with you on the olympics. love the swimming and gymnastics. i'm so glad i'm still in colorado where there's TV!