Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Things to Leave Behind on a Road Trip

I let my kids pack their own backpacks for our Colorado trip. The backpacks are for the car and they are supposed to be full of things to help them entertain themselves while we drive the 8 (give or take) hours it takes to make it to Boulder.

Well, I should have inspected their bags more closely.

What shouldn't have been allowed:

1. a kazoo: Toothsome #2 played it loudly most of the way and every time we would pass a car would hollar, "We passed another one!"

2. Wack A Mole: How did this game make it in number #3's bag? It is REALLY loud and the after about 30 miles, the repeative tune was driving me crazy. However, it did help pass the time and kept him happy, so I am conflicted about this one.

3. Crayons: It is over a hundred degrees folks! Crayons melt in hot cars. What in the world?

4. Harry Potter book 2: Ok, this one is my fault. I never remember what CD we are on and we were 1/2 way through the 2nd disk before my kids let me know that we had listened to that particular one about 15 times. "Mom, are we ever going to hear the rest of the story?" Opps. We are now on CD 3. I need to write these things down. Oh, I just did. Good for me.

Anyway, the trip over was very easy and thanks to the good people in Rawlins, WY's Holiday Inn, we finally found a yummy restaurant there--Sanfords, at the end of Ceder Ave. So, if you need one, you can thank me later. I am serious. You can thank me later because your other choices are NOT good. We do this route about twice a year and so we know. Trust me, we KNOW.


Jan said...

That was a hilarious visual for me. Sorry that I was so amused.

Sounds like the typical family outing with a few bumps along the way. It is amazing how we find out the what not to bring next time things.

Glad you are having fun though. Underneath it all you are having fun. Right. Take Care.

The Motherboard said...

A kazoo?
Oh my.
You are such a good mom for not throwing it out the window like I would have!

Have fun in Boulder!!

jo said...

This was hilarious, Janice! It reminds me so much of the road trips we used to take. One time my little brother and I sang a song we made up about riding a horse all the way to St. George. I thought it was the BEST time ever. I can only imagine what my mom and dad were thinking. Maybe that's why we went swimming first thing when we got there. Can't sing and swim at the same time!

Lisa said...

I'm with you on the crayons....our van has crayon melted in all the back seat cup holders.....oh well.

love.boxes said...

All good advice! Hope the trip was great!