Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funky Salad

When I was doing a study abroad in Israel, it was very common to eat something I called, "Israeli Salad" which was tomatoes, cucumber and red onion cut up into a salad with a little lemon juice and salt and pepper.

When I was at BYU, I made this salad but added feta cheese to it to make it more of a Greek salad.  I also added a little bit of olive oil.

When I was engaged to Dentist husband, I would often make this for lunch but it didn't fill me up quite enough, so I added ham to it.  

One day, I was out of lemon juice and I wanted something with a vinegar type bite to it, so I added cut up dill pickles to it.  

So, needless to say, the salad has evolved and somewhere along the line, Dentist husband labeled it "Funky Salad."  Everyone in my family loves it and now that the weather is warmer, we have been eating a lot of it.  

Here is the "recipe":
1 large cucumber, peeled and cut into pieces
3-5 tomatoes cut into pieces
1/2 package of crumbled feta cheese
4-5 slices of ham cut into pieces
About 10 hamburger dill pickles, cut up
lemon juice
olive oil
salt and pepper

Feel free to leave out the dill pickles but that is one of my kid's favorite parts.
Oh and before any of you mention it, I know adding ham to  salad originally named "Israeli salad" makes it NOT kosher.



Sounds really good! Have a good day. Laura

Britt said...

I want to eat that right now.

ash said...

This looks delish! I'm going to try it.

Lisa said...

My mouth literally started watering just looking at it...mmmmm....

love.boxes said...

My aunt makes something like that sans the pickles, but with corn and black beans... I love it!

Gabriela said...

LOL about the ham in your Israeli Salad.

Looks good, I'll have to try it. Right now I'm doing a caprese salad most days for lunch-they have such good fresh mozzerella here (I know I didn't spell that right, it has too many double constants in it for me to spell right after Spanish. Oh well, you know what I mean).