Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane. . .

Being from Colorado, I have to like John Denver, even though I don't think he is actually from Colorado and Denver was not his real name.  That said, this weekend, I am "leaving on a jet plane" and headed to California for a girls trip with three of my most favorite people on the planet--Mandy, Lisa, and Cassy.  

We met our freshman year--Mandy being my room roommate, Cassy being across the hall and Lisa living off campus somewhere but she knew a bunch of guys in our ward and Lisa effectively became my 3rd roommate, since she was always in our room. 

Later, we all lived in King Henry together and then we kind of went our separate ways as we served missions, etc.  They all did live together again later but I somehow got out of the loop. 
(Actually, when I got home from my mission, I wanted my own room.  I was SO done with companionships.)   

If I had a photo scanner, (I know I say this a lot, I need to shoot the lock off my wallet and just buy one), I would post some really hilarious picture of us with big 80's hair and big shoulder pads.  Through the years, we have stayed connected through e-mail, attending each other's weddings, Christmas cards, etc.  

These are girls with whom I can let my hair down and just have a fun time.  So, in a few days, I am off to Disneyland (yes, without my kids) and to have a great weekend.  In the meantime, I am likely to not blog, considering all I have to do to get things ready for Dentist Husband to be in charge of the troops while I am gone.  I have no worries about the actual parenting but I need to make sure there are clothes in drawers, lists of where which kids have to be at a certain time etc.  Oh and if you are reading this and have a son in my scout troop, it is cancelled this week.  I'll post pictures from my weekend away when I get back.  


Paige said...

Have a great time. And I'd love to see those pictures of you with big hair and shoulder pads.


Can't imagine you with big hair but again, to look at my daughters, you couldn't see them with big hair either. And guess where I lived my junior year? You're right!!! It was King Henry. OUr apartment backed up to a field that belonged to the state hospital. We loved it and then moved over to the Ream Apt complex. Those places have been around for a looong time. Laura

michelle said...

Have a blast! It is so great to hang out with girls who know who you used to be before kids!