Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sometimes the day gets away from us. . .

This is the outfit I was wearing all day on Friday.
Let's point out all of its weaknesses. 
--Dentist husband's dental school scrub pants (12ish years old)
--Free t-shirt Dentist husband gives to patients after they have had their wisdom teeth removed.
--Pink hoodie I bought at Disneyland last weekend because I forgot to bring my jacket to the park and I was getting cold.  I LOVE Disneyland but am not a fan of Disney merchandise particularly for adults.  
For the record, I had showered but no make-up or even a brush through my hair.

So, let me explain:  Friday mornings, I take breakfast into Dentist husband's staff.  I normally just grab something from a drive-thru like place--like Einstein's bagels, fruit and yogurt parfaits from McDonalds, etc.  I run into the office through the back door, leave it and am home in 10 minutes.  

Well, Friday, I decided to grab them some fresh fruit from the grocery store and healthy fiber bars.  Since I was there, I did some grocery shopping for our family as well.
Once at the office, the office manager needed to ask me a bunch of questions and I was there a good 40 minutes. 
Once I got in the car, my change oil light came on, and since Dentist husband's office is 10 minutes from the Honda dealership and I had a 10% off coupon there, I drove straight there.
I ran into someone who served their mission with my cousin in Russia.
It was then 11:30 am, so I drove to a McDonalds and got lunch for everyone.
From there, it was straight to pre-school for toothsome #3.
I ran into a friend who was out walking, who I needed to talk about Cub Scouts with and so I talked to her for about an hour.  (We have common friends on facebook and were discussing them.)  
After pre-school drop off, I played outside with toothsome #4 in front of my house until my older kids came home from school.

It wasn't until then that I really noticed how poorly I was dressed.  I looked like I was still in my pajamas (which is basically true in that I sleep in Dentist husband scrubs and a t-shirt most nights.)  

Ok, I have bolded all of the public places I was seen dressed like that.  Crap.


Queen Elizabeth said...

All of that = a good reason to move to Massachusetts. You may only run into ONE person you know/care about the whole day :)

Anonymous said...

You must have a very high self esteem level to be out and in public with not makeup and scroungy hair. I couldn't do it.

Janice said...

Thanks for the sarcasm Paige.

Britt said...

You can pull that off. You're still darling!

Gabriela said...

:) I wish I could say, "Well, I never..." but, unfortunately, this is the norm for me and not the exception! If I put make up on, one of my kids is sure to ask, "are you going to church mom?" And having been in the Primary now for almost 2 years, I have to admitt there are Sundays that I don't even wear make-up anymore! Not good!

Anonymous said...

Um, I wasn't trying to be sarcastic, my darling. I thought of you today, though, when at 6 pm I looked in the mirror and thought. Wow, my eye makeup really isn't lasting today. That was when I realized I hadn't put on any mascara today. And I, too, went to quite a few places with my blonde invisible eyelashes.

Jan said...

You would look cute in a sack. Seriously.