Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Consider Myself a Good Amateur Plumber

Many of you may recall this post.  Actually, you might not since you weren't scared for life from the experience like me but if you are looking for a good laugh, feel free to read it. 

Besides that mishap, I really like doing the whole "I can fix it and not have to bother my husband" plumbing thing.  It all started at BYU when a call to the landlord to fix a plumbing problem meant that they might come before I graduated from BYU.  (I started in 1991 and didn't graduate until 1997, so you get the idea.)  My dad did a good job of teaching me the basics of taking apart a sink, cleaning out a bathtub drain and unplugging a toilet.  (He owned a bunch of rental properties, so he was ALWAYS doing it.)  So, atleast once a semester, I would solve the problem myself for either my own apartment or one of my friends.  

Since being married, I have continued to do so in spite of my husband's requests to stop doing it.  You see, I have complete confidence in myself to take apart sinks, use a snake, etc. but Dentist husband doesn't have the same confidence in me.  Granted, I have put together a few sinks wrong which have caused some minor water leakage problems, but for the most part, I have saved him a ton of time (and if we would have called a plumber, money.)  

So today, I figured out how to remove the sink plug and clean them out.  The bathroom sinks have been draining slowly and guess what, if you have pennies trapped in your sinks, they will do that.  I now need to have a talk with my kids about what we put down sinks.  


michelle said...

You go girl!

Britt said...

I'm impressed Janice.

Gabriela said...

Next time I come to visit, can you give me a crash course in plumbing? What about changing a tire?