Sunday, March 22, 2009

Plasma Car

This is what toothsome #3 wanted for his birthday.  We own many plastic toy ride-on cars that take up a ton of space in our garage, so I was very reluctant to purchase one.  However, doing some research, (it was voted Toy of the Year by the Oppenheim foundation), I decided to get one and I haven't regretted it.   Since we put it together, there was been a child (or two) on it until bedtime.  

Why it is so great:  When you move the handle back and forth, it self propels itself forward--even up hills.  It can take up to 220 pounds, so even I have found myself riding this outside when my kids aren't on it.  The steering on it is very easy, so when my son rides it down our street (going very fast) there is great control.  I love this toy.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen that at friends' houses. Is it also called a "wiggle car"? It looks like fun.