Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Book Tag

Book Tag

Alright, one of my favorite ex-roommates tagged me. We both are now married to dentists, read a ton and just try to survive our crazy lives as mothers with kids. I am pretty sure she makes more dinners than I do but besides that, our lives are pretty parallel.

This one is an easy one...
1. Collect the book that you have most handy.
2. Turn to page 161.
3. Find the 5th complete sentence.
4. Cite the sentence on your blog.
5. Pass it on to 5 other bloggers.

My book is Rocket Men by Craig Nelson. It is about the Apollo 11 Moon landing. I bought it for my Dad for his birthday but I wanted to read it before I give it to him. I made the mistake of bringing it into the bath with me one night and now the pages are a little puffy but I don't think my dad will mind.

"Still, privately, Kennedy would continue to ask, "Can't you fellows invent some other race here on earth that will do some good?" and commented about getting a man on the Moon, "The cost, that's what gets me."

Now I'm tagging:
Melinda (because I adore her and thank her monthly for founding the wonderful book club I am in)
Diane (because I talk to her daily and have known her since Kindergarten)
Tiff (because I wish I had her ability with color and decorating)
Liz (because she has excellent taste in books and I think she is me just living in Boston)
and Gabriela (because she just survived a 30 hour flying ordeal back to Brazil and she motivates me to get on the treadmill daily)

Have fun!

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