Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sorry folks, but I have been and will continue to be missing in action until September. Like most mothers with young children in a traditional school schedule, the end of August is crazy, busy. Some highlights of my last few weeks:

--Going down to BYU and helping my niece find an apartment to live in the Fall. Running to my nephew, who is also down there in school and taking them to dinner.

--Having family in town and thus going to Lagoon twice in one week. We had gone for toothsome #1's birthday, then my sister came into town and announced they were going and so we joined them. I am like amusements parks, so both times, we had a good time.

--The one Sunday we will be at church in August, I substituted as Primary chorister, led the singing in Sacrament meeting and my daughter and I sang a duet as the musical number.

--Getting my car CD player fixed, which translates to four hours at the car dealership.

--Getting my family, my car and my house ready for an upcoming trip to California. For you thieves out there, we have people staying at our house while we gone, and an alarm system and a neighbor with a Rottweiler dog, so go somewhere else.

--Dance has started up again for toothsome #2

--Having a quick visit with my Aunt and cousin, who were visiting from California.

--Getting my kids ready with clothes, supplies and emotional tools (I have a very reluctant Kindergartner starting) for school.

So, anyway, good stuff but things are busy. So, again, I will be MIA for a while but if your life is like mine, you probably aren't checking blogs that often anyway.


Gabriela said...

You ARE busy. Good luck with everything.

michelle said...

Right there with ya! By the way, Brittany read O the red rose tree loved it and now we have a bunch of Beatty books on hold. Thanks for the tip!