Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear Old Navy

Dear Old Navy,

Halloween is my favorite holiday and every year, I take my kids to Old Navy and let them pick out a new $5 Halloween shirt that I wash every night and they wear it almost (if not every) day the whole month of October.  However, this year, you did not carry "Girls" Halloween shirts.  You carried Women, Men, Boys, Baby Boy and Baby Girl items, wonderful warm Halloween costumes and even Halloween pajamas but nothing for girls sizes 5-16.  I gladly bought my sons their Halloween t-shirts and even a pair of orange with white ghost pajama pants for me but there was nothing for my eight year old girl.

Instead, I ended up at Hannah Andersson and paid $32 dollars (each) for matching darling Halloween shirts for my girls.  Instead of paying $10 for cute shirts, I paid (gulp) $64.  

Old Navy, I love you and have a great regular relationship with you.  Your jeans fit my sons perfectly.  I live in your lounge pants.  My husband wore one of your sweaters (which I purchased on a whim for $10) for our very expensive family photo last year.  

So, while I am not breaking up with you, I am having a "define the relationship" chat expressing that you are not fulfilling all of my needs and expectations.  Please reconsider bringing back Old Navy Halloween shirts in girls sizes.  My daughter and my wallet would appreciate it.  Thank you.  (And, keep up all of the other great things you are doing.  I'll see you again in July when we buy our annual 4th of July flag shirts.)  



Gabriela said...

That's really bizarre. How do you just forget about girl sizes? I think some heads are going to roll.

Britt said...

I love this!

Lisa Christine said...


I wonder if the shipment was just late getting in?

At least you found something at Hannah Andersson. And I am sure it's darling!

Jane Anne said...

you should write a column...seriously

Anonymous said...


love.boxes said...

Old Navy.. you better not mess with Janice.. she means business! :)

sara said...

PS: Why do you stop carrying odd sizes past size 7? My 9 year old is up a creek with NO PANTS this year because she's too big for an 8, and way too small for a 10.

So when you're adding girls' Halloween shirts for Janice, how about some size 9 jeans for me?

Thank you,