Friday, August 14, 2009

Kindergarten Aged Boys Don't Need to Match Right?

Case in point

All of toothsome #3's shorts blew holes in them a few weeks ago. I immediately went to Hannah Andersson and was thrilled to see that they had their shorts on sale. I ordered him four new pairs that were available in his size. I didn't really even look at the colors, etc. because the price was right and it was Hannah Andersson.

Well, they have all arrived and NONE of them match any of his existing t-shirts. Most (OK, all) of his shirts are hand me downs from his older brother and older cousins and I just assumed that out of the stack of shirts (he honestly has something like 25 t-shirts in his size right now) he owns, we could find at least one match for each pair of shorts. No such luck.

How bad of a mother will I look like if I send him to Kindergarten with clothes that don't match? What if I pin a sign on his shirt that says, "The shorts are new. I am not a homeless child. My mom has the receipts at home."

He doesn't care, so I should be fine with it right?


Alissa said...

You shouldn't care, but if it starts to get to you, OshKosh is having a buy one get two free sale on long sleeve t-shirts. But then will the long sleeve/shorts combo bug?

Jenn said...

Matching clothes are over-rated! It's all about the personality ;-)

Anonymous said...

Still cute.

Gabriela said...

he can hang out with Margarita and then he'd look just fine. It's like pulling teeth to get that girl to match. Drives me nuts. At least #3 isn't not matching on purpose.

Tess said...

The only day they have to look good/match is on picture day. No one remembers any of the others :)