Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Morning

Toothsome number 4 got a kitchen. It took Santa 2 1/2 hours to put together and one of the parts was broken. Santa really hopes she loves this because Santa and Mrs. Santa were close to divorcing over this item when all was said in done. So far, she loves it.
Toothsome #2 with her new chest for the end of her bed and timer book mark.
Toothsome #1 with his Lego Mindstorm. He has asked Santa for this for three years and he finally came through. We might have a computer programmer on our hands.
Toothsome #4 loving all of the candy Santa dropped.
Toothsome #3 with his beloved drums. Dentist husband loves them too and has played them almost as much as toothsome #3.
Toothsome #2 with her beloved orange. She talks about getting an orange in her stocking with almost the same amount of excitement as toys. (And, it is not like her parents deprive her of oranges normally).
Ballerina dolls from Pottery Barn.
Opening presents--Toothsome #1 was very excited about getting Monopoly (the credit card edition).
My boys in their BYU hats.


Lisa said...

I remember that Santa left a kitchen like that at our house a few years ago. And if I recall, it too was extremely difficult to put together!

Glad everyone had a lovely Christmas!

noelle said...

i love the triumphant hoisting of the monopoly game. awesome.